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We’re excited to introduce our new Stay & Save discounts that provide additional incentive for our guests to stay and enjoy our hospitality for an extra day or two.

For guests who stay for 2 nights or longer, a discount will now be applied to your nightly rate. The longer you stay, the greater the discount. With a 5+ night stay, you’ll receive our maximum discount of a whopping 20%. With all the savings, you’ll be able to treat yourself to an extra night’s stay or take the family out to dinner.

Stay & Save* Discounts:

  • Stay 2 nights and save 8%
  • Stay 3 nights and save 12%
  • Stay 4 nights and save 16%
  • Stay 5+ nights and save 20%

* Subject to availability. 

To take advantage of our Stay & Save discount, visit our bookings page, click ‘Show Rates’ on your chosen room type and select the number of nights you’d like to stay & save.


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